C15027 Two Piece Toilet Googai Series (WH Lid)


C15027 Two Piece Toilet Googai Series (WH Lid)

Eldercare Functi Bathroom
Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Category COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
TYPE Two Piece Toilet S-Trap
Function Single Flush
Material Ceramic
Series Googai
Height 720 millimeter
Weight 32.43 kilogram
Barcode 8852425143570


  • Toilet for children between the ages of 3-12 years
  • Egg shell-shaped water tank cover in 3 bright colors:kiwi green , lemon rose apple.
  • With only 3/4.5 liters of water, everything is clean with one flush. (Save 38% more, when compared with 6 liters)
  • Ultra Clean+, Deactivate Bacteria Growth 99% within 24 hours and Smoother Surface
  • "Super Seat" more durable supporting seat crashing, which extends product life time.

Product Tips

  • Should read the installation instructions before use

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Product cleaning You should choose a cleaning solution that is appropriate for the type of product. And after cleaning is finished You should rinse the water out quickly to help prevent it from happening. Stain on the produc
  • 2. Do not use sharp or rough materials to rub the surface to clean the product. which may cause scratches on the surface of the sanitary ware
  • 3. Do not use chemical detergents for cleaning the toilet bowl. Used to clean products that are plastic, metal, or leather, etc., which may cause stains on the product. and result in a shorter lifespan of the material.
  • 4. Do not pour hot water onto ceramic products. to clean or purify Because it will cause the product to crack and cause injury to the user. as well as property damage
  • 5. Follow the instructions in the product care manual.

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