OVAL Collection unveiled: Naoto Fukasawa captures the minimalist aesthetic for Cotto’s new warm and elegant bathroom series.

The world-renowned product designer Naoto Fukasawa and COTTO, Thailand’s leading innovator of sanitary wares, announce the release of a unique bathroom series collaboration.
The Oval Collection includes a wash basin, faucet, toilet, showerhead, and mirror. It utilizes the warm and elegant geometry of the oval to create a set of complementary elements connecting the human figure and the ambiance of the bathroom.

The Oval Collection is derived from the subtly complex and iconic form of the oval itself. Contrary to the uniform, non-directional circle, the oval creates gentle, warm curves that link the proportions and comfort of the body with natural and intuitive uses.

Fukasawa uses his minimalist sensibilities to determine the refined aesthetics and uses of the Oval Collection items. Each component features the distinctive form of the oval in its own particular way.