Naoto Fukasawa Design

In 2003, Naoto Fukasawa established his own company Naoto Fukasawa Design. Since then he has worked on product development for many world leading brands and companies including Herman Miller, B&B Italia, and Muji. Fukasawa characterizes his design philosophy as one in which he captures the essential values of objects and visually expresses their unseen essence. His views transcend geographical borders, as he has collaborated with companies in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and throughout Asia. His most widely-recognized projects include the Wall-Mounted CD player he designed for Muji in 1999 (which was selected for the Museum of Modern Art’s design collection in 2004), the INFOBAR mobile phone, which became a design leader in Japan, and the HIROSHIMA armchair for Maruni, which is part of Designmuseum Danmark’s permanent collection.


Fukasawa has authored several books, including ‘An Outline of Design’ and ‘The Ecological Approach to Design.’ He has also published two monographs of his work, in 2007 as well as in 2018, a book entitled ‘Naoto Fukasawa: Embodiment,’ both published by Phaidon.

Today, Fukasawa is one of the directors of 21_21 Design Sight, a professor in the Integrated Design department at Tama Art University, and the director of the Nihon Mingei-kan (The Japan Folk Crafts Museum). He continues to influence and inspire the design world with innovative, user-friendly, simple, and elegant products and interfaces.


The Oval Collection is Naoto Fukasawa’s latest master work, tailored for a high-quality aesthetic through a combination of user-friendly functionality and elegant style. The Oval Collection offers a superior ambiance for modern living.