CT4806DCDUF Automatic Urinal Flus Valve Ti (Battery)

CT4806DCDUF Automatic Urinal Flus Valve Ti (Battery)

Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
TYPE Automatic Urinal Flush Valve
Function Automatic
Material Brass
Series Flush Valve
Weight 6 kilogram
Barcode 8852410480604


  • 1. Battery Use: Easy installation
  • 2. Pre-Flush and Post-Flush: Flushing before and after use for better hygiene
  • 3. Moisture Protection
  • 4. Extra Chrome: Shining and heat resistance with 8 micron nickel-chromium coat
  • 5. Free Odor: Automatically flushing to clean piping system
  • 6. One flow rate: Accuracy and Constant flow per flush for every pressure
  • 7. 2 Year or 100,000 Cyeles Battery Life For New Batteries

Product Tips

  • Install With Top Inlet Urinal

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Do not strike violently. If it is damaged, property injuries are likely to occur due to water leakage.
  • 2. The sensor must not be scratched. This may cause product malfunction.
  • 3. Do not splash water on the sensor. This may cause product malfunction.
  • 4. Do not install the sensor to direct sunlight0. This may cuase product malfunction.
  • 5. Do not disassemble, reassemble, repair or modify electronic set. This may cause product malfunction. Please contact technical service section.
  • 6. Do not use liquid cleaners with acid, base content, polishing power or steel wool for cleaning.

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