CT4803P Automatic Urinal Flush Valve

CT4803P Automatic Urinal Flush Valve

Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
Product Category Flush Valve
TYPE Automatic Urinal Flush Valve
Function Automatic
Material Brass
Series Flush Valve
Weight 1 kilogram
Barcode 8852410480543


  • 1. Double Infrared Beam: 2 Infrared transmitter, transmit higher frequency wave, Fast and Accurate
  • 2. Moisture Protection: Water and Moisture Durable
  • 3. Fuzzy Login Control : Adjust water volume when frequency of use increases, Save up to 50% water usage
  • 4. Override Button : Additional Manual Flush Button for ease of use
  • 5. Aesthetic Design : Slim and Compact

Product Tips

  • Install with Urinal that has 75mm distance from wall to water inlet

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Not be splashed by water because electronic set are damaged.
  • 2. For cover is dirt, use soft moisten cloth or sponge rub it. Do not use cleaner that contains acid, base, polishing power for scratch prevention.
  • 3. Dismantle and assembly all not be careful because there are electrical parts.
  • 4. Don't install flush valve face to within 1.5 m. or reflective object, because may be mal-function.
  • 5. Do not sensor to direct sunlight.
  • 6. Not be splashed by water because electrical parts are damaged.
  • 7. Should connect all joints to tight.

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