CT134C10(HM) Sink Faucet / Wall Mount, Windy Series

CT134C10(HM) Sink Faucet / Wall Mount, Windy Series

Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
Product Category Faucet
TYPE Kitchen Faucet
Function Swivel Handle
Material Brass
Series Windy
Weight 1 kilogram
Barcode 8852410134262


  • 1. COTTO CLEAN : Metal Contaminant-Controlled (Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Zinc)
  • 2. Extra Chrome : Plated with 8 Micron Nickel-Chromium
  • 3. Water Saver : 50% Water Saved with installed Aerator

Product Tips

  • Install on wall, use with kitchen sink

Care Warning Instruction

  • Apply dilluted-soap water or COTTO natural multi-purpose cleaner CT696(0.5L.) to clean the faucet. Do not clean by any cleaner consisting acid substances. Wash out by water after applying cleaner. Then, using a soft cloth to clean again to protect causing any scratches on the faucet surface

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