C9204 The Convenic Toilet Seat & Cover (Electronic)

C9204 The Convenic Toilet Seat & Cover (Electronic)

Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside
TYPE Electronic Seat&Cover
Collection Smart Product
Function Electronic Seat&Cover
Material Polypropylene
Series Convenic
Width 390 millimeter
Height 130 millimeter
Length 505 millimeter
Weight 3.3 kilogram
Barcode 8852425735317


  • 1. THE CONVENIC by COTTO , Beautiful and Outstanding with slim design (D-Shape)
  • 2. The latest CONVENIC Technology give the Maximum Comfort such as
  • 2.1 Special Nozzle (Stainless steel nozzle)
  • 2.2 Warm seat for your relaxing and also improve blood circulation
  • 2.3 Warm Air Dryer for your refreshed!!!
  • 2.4 Deodorization System for removes bad odor
  • 2.5 LED Night Light
  • 3. Easy Controlled with your touch , New Remote Control ( modern looks) designed for your maximum convenience

Product Tips

  • Should read the installation instructions before use

Care Warning Instruction

  • To clean product should use cleaner which appropriate for each type. After finish cleaning quickly water it for protect blemish arises.

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